Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Starting a new School Year!


Starting a new year of school! It is kind of cool that teachers get to do that every year of their life (well, until they retire). I am taking a class on blogging and am setting up a blog for my science class and I thought what a shame that I havent' blogged in over a year!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brooklyn's Birthday Weekend!

Brooklyn had her 4th birthday party a couple of weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting some of the pics! We had so much fun brooklyn! Thanks for inviting us!

It was a cheerleading party!

At Brooklyn's request, Perry was able to find his football jersey and actually wear it to the event!

Valentines day - holiday or hallmark day?

I know that valentine's day is way too commercial, but I still like it. Even though I am not the best at giving gifts. I think the thing that I like about valentines, is that I don't have any I love anything that I get! It's a great surprise! The down side to that is that my 'valentines' don't get too many great gifts! In fact, I consider it a huge accomplishment if I send out any cards or gifts or get Perry anything. Usually I just cook dinner and Perry will get me a card and some flowers. I do realize that Perry gets the shaft in this arrangment, but what can I say? I still love him though and since I would be spending money, it is probably a good gift to him for me just to stay out of that store!

These are some of my valentine surprises I received this valentine's day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I cannot believe that our sweet, beautiful Brooklyn is 4 years old today. Next thing you know she will be 14 and then 24. I can't take it!
Brooklyn is the sweetest granddaughter anyone could have. One of my favorite things about Brooklyn is that she is so loving. When she comes to stay with us she sleeps with us...Grammie and Pops. Recently, they had been here for Yamboree and it was the night before they were to go home the next day. Brooklyn: "Why don't you come home with us Grammie?"
Grammie: "I have to work and and take care of Pops and Buddy."
Brooklyn: "I wish you were our girl Grammie."

First of all it was really nice to be called "girl" and secondly, it is nice to be loved so unconditionally!

We love you Brooklyn! Have a very, very, happy birthday! See you this weekend!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Last night Perry and I were driving home. It was about 8:30 and we started talking about what we were doing 26 years ago. Perry had been baptized about 2 weeks previously and was working hard to feed our little family. Britni was about 20 months and was just adorable with her dark, long hair. I was waiting for a baby that was a week late. We had a truck at the time that Perry decided needed some work done on it. He had been working on that when I came out and told him that he better put all the parts back on the truck because it was starting to feel like the baby was coming. He did that and then came in and started taking a shower. My contractions started coming alot harder and closer together. I went in the bathroom and told Perry, "You might want to hurry" and he throws back the curtain with soap all over him and dries off, jumps out of the shower and we head to Mamaw and Granddaddys to drop off Britni. Since we were not too sure of the reliability of the truck, Terry decided he would follow us to the hospital. Perry drove faster than I've ever seen him drive with flashers and all! It was a good thing because less than a couple of hours later, Heath came barreling into the world! I've thought about this at times and it was so typical of Heath. He gives every decision alot of thought and worry but when he makes up his mind to do something you can get on board or get out of the way! We love you Heath and hope you have an awesome birthday!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


There really can't be anything better than Christmas with your family. It IS the most wonderful time of the year! We had a fantastic time with all of our children at home. I know it is really difficult for them to make the trip and I am so thankful they were able to be here. Thanks you guys! Love you!

I got a camera from Perry and the kids and I am loving it!

Here are some of the pics:

Brooklyn and baby alive. She really wets her diaper! yeah!

Heath and Liz being really good sports at 7am!

Noah playing with his new toys!

Noah doesn't mind sharing his toys with Jack.

Time to move on...

Perry got all the Bourne DVD's! Thanks Heath and Liz!

Joel and Britni at our first Christmas stop, Nanna and Paw's! Nanna makes the best homemade cinnamon rolls you can imagine every Christmas morning.

Are Noah and dad already getting a little sleepy???....miles to go before we sleep Nick!
As a matter of fact, I'm gettng a little sleepy too.  Time or a nap.  I will post more latter.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

YAMBOREE! and anniversary of blog!

It's Yamborre time again! Since my first blog was right before last year's yamboree, we will call this my one year anniversary blog. I am not the most consistent blogger but I really enjoy it. I just NEED a camera!!!

Alot of great stuff has happened since last year. Heath graduated and started his first job in his "chosen" profession. He and Liz have the cutest apartment. We are so proud of them. Our beautiful grandson Noah was born! Stephani and Nick bought and moved into their first home. Joel and Britni's family has grown and become so much fun. And I finally defended my thesis!

I can't wait to see family and friends! and to have a few days off of work. see you at the yamboree!!